A soft, handcrafted, portable, fabric "blackboard".

  • Perfect for children 3 and older (anyone who won't eat the chalk!)
  • Made with colorful fabric on the outside
  • Handy pocket with chalk on the inside
  • Eraser included
  • Coordinating tie to secure it when not in use
Great for:
  • Anyone who likes to give the children in their lives fun, unique gifts that foster creativity.
  • Grandparents/aunts/uncles/friends looking for a lasting gift the kids will use over and over.

  • Parents who travel near or far with your children.

  • Teachers looking for novel low-tech ways to help students learn, participate, and entertain themselves.

  • People who are tired of all the battery-operated high-tech toys that kids are bombarded with.

  • Program coordinators seeking a moderately-priced fundraising item.

  • A wonderfully thoughtful gift for an older sibling when giving a new baby present.

Ways you can use your CHALK-along®

  • At a restaurant. Let the kids draw, play Tic-Tac-Toe or Hangman.
         - Practice writing words and numbers.
         - Draw a picture of what they will eat and use as their placemat.
  • For a doctor, dentist or other appointment.
  • In the car to occupy the kids when running errands or carpooling.
  • When traveling. Always handy for those unexpected delays and during your flight.

Stimulating/Occupying Minds:

  • At home
  • In the classroom
  • At Grandma's house or when visiting people.
Quiet Activities:

  • Performances
  • Religious services
  • Adult gatherings
  • Independent playtime
  • Early mornings
This fun and entertaining product is hand washable and easy to care for. It rolls up for easy storage, is secured with a coordinating tie, and fits easily in a tote, back pack, or travel bag.


What CHALK-alongR owners around the country are saying:

"Our three year old prizes his CHALK-along® as his best toy. It's educational and allows him to be creative too."
Olivia S., Charleston, SC

"My 11 year old twins use their CHALK-alongs® at restaurants, doctor visits, or anywhere that they are expected to sit quietly."
Meena K., Northbrook

"My daughter has already put a lot of mileage on her CHALK-along®. At a meeting I attended, another mother saw me carrying the CHALK-alongTM and immediately knew it was one of Leah's. They are too clever and so fun!"
Bonnie S., Highland Park, IL

"Our son, who is three and a half uses the CHALK-along® to practice writing his name. It is a fun, easy to use chalk board that can go ANYWHERE!
Many of my friends have CHALK-alongs for their kids! They take the CHALK-alongTM to restaurants and it occupies the kids until their meal comes so mom and dad can catch up on their busy day."

Lori H., Oak Park, IL

"I just gave your CHALK-along® to my granddaughter. She loves it and hasn't stopped playing with it for three hours!"
Grace R., Albuquerque, NM

"We gave the CHALK-along® to our grandson as a birthday gift and he won't leave home without it. He carries it with him everywhere he goes."
Tom S., Palatine, IL

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